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time passing fast do someting today for tomarrow

do something every day stay positive help other build your future  .start small read 10 pages every day  now is spring  and  summer in the corner  in couple day school  closing  did you plan for kids  summer advanture  .

never too late start learning new skill,

never too late start learning new skill,

Spring Cleaning: Reorganizing Your Blog

organizing and cleaning never late to start.

The Daily Post

If you were starting your site from scratch, what would you do differently? In the beginning, it’s impossible to predict what our sites’ needs will be in one, two, or five years’ time. Is this the best category to use? Will I still like this title? Is it time for a logo refresh? All of these possibilities can seem even more daunting when you realize that you have to actually put your changes into practice.

If you’re getting ready for a complete revamp of your categories and tags, or thinking of an overhaul of your site’s navigation, check out these handy tips and tricks when considering a refresh.

Edit one, edit them all: bulk editing

In your Dashboard → Posts page, there’s a tool that allows you to change the settings on multiple posts all at once. Nifty, right? This can be particularly helpful when marking a handful of posts as private as…

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share your best find in the web .


i found this in the searching for great site and best  site is tech crunch today a nd word press site,

just do it post every day be consistant fly


Phhhoto Tops 1 Million Users


Phhhoto, perhaps the only social network to have first launched as a physical party product aimed at the enterprise, has topped 1 million registered users over the course of the past nine months. Users have posted upwards of 10 million Phhhotos to the platform.

Phhhoto started back at SXSW in 2013 with an iPad-based photobooth, but instead of capturing the usual strip of four photos, the iPad app (hooked up to a stand with special built-in lighting) captures four frames and then strings them into a looping GIF. Users can then text themselves the Phhhoto to save to their phone and share on other social networks.

The product was called Phhhoto Pro.

nyfwphhhotoFor a year, the Phhhoto team built out Phhhoto Pro to offer at parties and different events for a negotiable fee, while secretly working on an app that consumers could use whenever they want from their own…

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Flyp Lets You Add Multiple Numbers To Your Smartphone


Flyp is a new iOS/Android app that lets you have up to six different phone numbers simultaneously active on your smartphone. The first number is free and each additional “premium” phone number (a maximum of five) costs $2.99 per month (or $29.99 per year) to maintain. The Flyp app manages all the numbers, voicemail, text messages, and notifications. Announced at SXSW 2015, the app is actually live in the iOS store and Google Play today.

I spoke with co-founder Peter Rinfret and he told me the goal of the app is to accommodate people’s increasingly multi-faceted lives with multiple ways they can be contacted and give them options for how they can control the inflow of conversations.

For example, you can have separate phone numbers you give to work contacts, family contacts, school contacts and so on. You can then filter who can call you and when (e.g. you could…

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Tesla To Unveil A New Product Line Beyond Cars On April 30


Tesla will introduce a new product line separate from cars on Thursday, April 30 at 9 PM PT according to founder and CEO Elon Musk. The executive tweeted the news from his account on Monday, but so far has shared no other details bout what might be in the works.

Musk has previously gone on record saying the company is gearing up to produce a new battery to power people’s homes instead of just their cars. During the company’s most recent earnings call in February, he revealed that the consumer battery pack for home use could enter production in as few as six months. This new category could well be this home battery, since the timing fits.

A Tesla home…

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