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time passing fast do someting today for tomarrow

do something every day stay positive help other build your future  .start small read 10 pages every day  now is spring  and  summer in the corner  in couple day school  closing  did you plan for kids  summer advanture  .

never too late start learning new skill,

never too late start learning new skill,


Spring Cleaning: Reorganizing Your Blog

organizing and cleaning never late to start.

The Daily Post

If you were starting your site from scratch, what would you do differently? In the beginning, it’s impossible to predict what our sites’ needs will be in one, two, or five years’ time. Is this the best category to use? Will I still like this title? Is it time for a logo refresh? All of these possibilities can seem even more daunting when you realize that you have to actually put your changes into practice.

If you’re getting ready for a complete revamp of your categories and tags, or thinking of an overhaul of your site’s navigation, check out these handy tips and tricks when considering a refresh.

Edit one, edit them all: bulk editing

In your Dashboard → Posts page, there’s a tool that allows you to change the settings on multiple posts all at once. Nifty, right? This can be particularly helpful when marking a handful of posts as private as…

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share your best find in the web .


i found this in the searching for great site and best  site is tech crunch today a nd word press site,

just do it post every day be consistant fly


Phhhoto Tops 1 Million Users

Flyp Lets You Add Multiple Numbers To Your Smartphone

Tesla To Unveil A New Product Line Beyond Cars On April 30