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Blogging Community: Why it Matters, and How to Build It.

February 16, 2014

I found out  couple webinar that already past  i have to fallow this amazing site for future event ASAP i find the date will share with all team.



TOPIC: How to make brands love your blog

Today, big brands are leveraging the most powerful marketing tool on the Internet – Bloggers. It is a win-win situation for both, but only when your blog meets the brands needs. How to ensure that your blog stands out from the millions of others out there?

Join Vanita Cyril, professional search engine marketer and mom blogger to learn:

How to Make Brands Love Your Blog

The truth behind content being king for SEO

-How to quickly search engine analyze your content

-How to improve your content for search engines


TOPIC: Blogging and Life:The Ultimate Balancing Act

Whether you are a SAHM, WAHM or a mom that works outside the home, those full time demands can often leave little to no time for blogging. Even if you are managing to blog full time, it can be hard (and stressful) to juggle all of the expectations and responsibilities that also come along with being a mom. But there are things you can do and tools that will help you plan and organize your time, so that you achieve a better blog-life balance.

Join Tracie Momie, freelance graphic designer and mom blogger to learn:

-How to manage blogging with work and family obligations

-How to use time management tools more effectively

-How to set realistic and achievable blogging goals

Blogging and Life:The Ultimate Balancing Act

TOPIC: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Killer Sponsored Posts

Competition for sponsored posts and brand work is tighter than ever. Being a successful brand advocate is more than just cutting and pasting a press release. Learn what you need to do before, during and after sponsored post campaigns to make yourself a blogger that brands want to work with again and again.

Join “Kludgy Mom” Gigi Ross, social media consultant, blogger outreach manager and mom blogger to learn:

-How to be prepped for sponsored post campaigns

-How to approach sponsored posts creatively and professionally

-How to keep brands coming back for more

TOPIC: Building and Growing an Online Community

No blog is an island unto itself. At the heart of each successful site you will find an outstanding community. The strength and support of the community give longevity not only to the site but to each of its members. By building a community around your blog and social media presence, you can enhance not only your success, but the success of those around you.

Join “A Bloggy Mom” Tiffany Noth, Founder of BloggyMoms and Bloggy Conference to learn:

-How to identify your community

-How to build and grow your community

-How to provide value within your community

TOPIC: Keys to Building Your Online Brand

Establishing a clear and precise personal brand is the cornerstone of any online presence. It’s important to ensure your personal brand presence is consistent, relevant and unique, or you run the risk of being overlooked by your audience and other brands. In this webinar, we’ll focus on how you can set yourself up to look professional, knowledgeable and be memorable.

Join Liz Jostes and Kristin Zaslavsky of Eli Rose Social Media, a digital marketing firm specializing in online marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing to learn:

-How to establish your short & long elevator speech

-How to create a cohesive brand presence

-How to stand out from the crowd

-How to keep from looking like a spam account

-The importance of reputation management

TOPIC: 4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Your Content

Why is no one reading my blog? Have you asked yourself that lately? Come on…be honest! If the answer is yes, you need a plan. Not one of those plans that you forget about 14 seconds after creating it. You need the kind of plan that ends up dog-eared and covered in coffee stains because you use it every single time you sit down to write a new post.

If you are a blogging-emailing-social-media-posting machine, but you’re not seeing results after you hit “publish”, this webinar is for you. Join content marketing expert Jules Taggart of amp&pivot to learn four new ways to promote your content and get noticed online. You will learn:

-Four fundamental networks you might be underutilizing

-Perfecting and personalizing your requests for “eyeballs”

-Knowing what role you play in a particular network (expert, student, connector, etc) and how to use it to your advantage

TOPIC: Benefits & Best Practices for Google+

Google is the King of Search Engines, with Google+ acting as its integral, powerful right hand. Many people don’t know how to manage the ins and outs of this search giant and tend to be unaware of many of Google’s recent changes. Our webinar will highlight these recent changes, plus cover the benefits and best practices for Google+.

Join Liz Jostes and Kristin Zaslavsky of Eli Rose Social Media, a digital marketing firm specializing in online marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing to learn:

-The ins and outs of using Google+ to promote your brand and build community.

-How to properly optimize your Google+ profile

-The new Google Hummingbird search algorithm and what it means for you

-Google Authorship – what it is, why it’s important and how to claim yours

TOPIC: Web 2.0 – Add more flair to your site with these tools!


Add more flair to your blog and blog posts with Web 2.0 tools. This Webinar will cover some of the easiest (and free) to use — from cartoons to videos to animations and more.

Join Lydia Richmond, author of Cluttered Genius and online high school English teacher to learn about:

-Free and Easy Screen Recording

-Video and Presentation Tools

-Fun Image-making Sites

-and more!

TOPIC: The Business Side of Blogging


While many people view blogging as a hobby, others use their blog as a platform to promote themselves and/or their businesses to potential customers, clients and partners. Blogging is a great way to establish expertise in a certain area and keep in front of potential clients. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to a business website.

If you have a business that you’d like to promote through blogging or you are a blogger interested in making some money, this webinar is for you! Jennifer Barbour, chief engagement officer of Another Jennifer Blog + Writing Lab, will discuss:

-What blogging can do for a business

-Turning a blog into a business

-Why you should view your blog as a brand

-How a blog can make money (directly and indirectly)

-Business blogging best practices

TOPIC: Blog Design Mistakes that Bloggers Make (& How to Fix Them)


People get into blogging because they want to write, but creating a blog design comes with the territory. Good design shows off your content in all its glory. But design is more than colors and fonts. It’s also about how your blog works. This webinar tackles all of that, describing common blog design mistakes that can drive readers away and showing you how to fix them.


Join Melissa Culbertson, author of Blog Design for Dummies, you’ll learn:

-Why your blog design matters in the first place

-How much is too much when it comes to design

-Easy ways to improve your blog post shareability

-Design mistakes even nice-looking blogs make

-How to show your readers around

-Why a mobile-friendly site matters more than ever

-Formatting tips that can drastically improve your content (without even changing one word you wrote)

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See Results

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Getting Started

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SVERVE & Influencers

YOUR BRAND & Influencers

Why and How do you verify company information? Back To Top

We want to ensure that only real companies are publishing campaigns on Sverve. We check your website, online information and even call you if required to verify the company information. Once verified, we will activate your account and inform you via email. Please make sure to provide the correct email and website [and of course rest of the information] at signup time.

Do I need to pay to sign up? Back To Top

There is no charge for signing up. You only pay when you add a new campaign. Your free account provides you an ability to search for influencers on Sverve.

What is a sponsored share campaign?Back To Top

A sponsored share is a great way to gain targeted exposure on Twitter. Work with influencers to get noticed by your relevant audience on Twitter.

How do I start a Sponsored Share campaign?Back To Top

Create a Brand account at Click Start a New Campaign & Choose Sponsored Share (You do not pay to create a campaign)

How much should I add to my Ad Budget?Back To Top

The minimum Ad Budget is $5. Ultimately, you choose the total Budget/Spend & you can always add more!

How much do Influencers make per Tweet?Back To Top

Each Influencer is automatically assigned a fee per Tweet depending on their total reach. The Average Sverve Influencers will make X per Tweet.

How are Influencers paid?Back To Top

Influencers are paid per Tweet by Sverve.

How can I track my campaign?Back To Top

A daily account of # of Tweets, Influencers Tweeting, and their reach will be available to you within your Campaign Details.

(Please note, Sverve will also be releasing information on Re-Tweets, Comments on Tweets, and Favorited Tweets in a future release.)

What if I no longer wish to continue Sponsored Tweets?Back To Top

You can choose to pause the campaign at any time. Pausing the campaign will stop Influencers from further Tweets. You can choose to resume the promotion at any time.

To note, you can always discontinue the campaign at any time.

What is a campaign?Back To Top

A campaign is an assignment for which you want to enroll influencers on Sverve. Typical examples are – a referral program, guest blogging opportunities, product reviews, and community management. You can start a campaign on Sverve for influencers to see and apply for it. Sverve shows you all the applicants with their full details and even provides recommendations for influencer’s that fit the assignment. You can also manage all communication with influencers on a campaign.

What types of campaigns are run on Sverve?Back To Top

Typical campaigns include but are not limited to Product Reviews, Sponsored Posts, Product Promotions, Seasonal Promotions, and Affiliate Programs. Clients can and do run multiple campaigns depending on individual strategy.

For example, should the goal be to receive coverage for a specific product or brand, you may want to run a product/service review. Should you be focused on customer acquisition, you may consider an affiliate model.

How do I create a campaign?Back To Top

You can create a new campaign by clicking on “Start Campaign” button on your dashboard or from the top menu bar. It will open a form to add key information for the campaign like title, description, compensation etc. You can save a draft to come back to it later or publish it by paying the campaign subscription fee.

What is the duration of a campaign?Back To Top

By default all campaigns are live for 30 days. However, you can extend a campaign for 30 days at a time by paying an additional subscription fee for it. A campaign expires after 30 days if additional fee is not paid.

How much does it cost to start a campaign?Back To Top

You can publish a campaign for $200 for 30 days. There are no other hidden fees. Just pay a monthly subscription fee of $200 in advance to continue the campaign for next 30 days.

Is campaign fee one time or ongoing?Back To Top

A campaign fee of $200 keeps it live for 30 days. You can continue the campaign for another 30 days by renewing. Otherwise, the campaign will expire at the end of 30 days.

What does it mean for a campaign to expire?Back To Top

A campaign expires after 30 days if not renewed. An expired campaign isn’t visible to influencers.

You and influencers can’t communicate on an expired campaign. However, it will still be visible to you in read-only mode.

What are areas of influence of an influencer?Back To Top

Influencers specify the categories for their blogs on Sverve. We call these their areas of influence.

They tag their posts and receive endorsements from their peers on their areas of influence. It helps Sverve create a deep and accurate classification of influencers. You can use areas of influence to search for influencers as per your need and select the best influencers based on their score in the chosen area of influence.

How is an influencer’s score calculated?Back To Top

SVERVE calculates score in every area of influence and an overall score for influencers. The score in an area of influence is calculated based on number of endorsements and activity on influencer’s posts in that area. It also takes into account how other influencers are doing in that area, which means it’s a relative score. The overall score is based on scores in top three areas of influence of an influencer.

Are blog statistics certified?Back To Top

Influencers provide their blog statistics on Sverve. Currently, we go by honor code and believe influencers provide correct statistics. It gives you another data point to decide on the right influencers for your campaign. Going forward we will offer a service to certify blog statistics.

How does Sverve find areas of influence and blog statistics?Back To Top

Unlike other services, Sverve takes guesswork out of influencer’s areas of influence by directly asking them for it! Sverve offers a user-curated classification of influencers. Influencers themselves provide their blog statistics.

How does Sverve find Influencers?Back To Top

Our pool of influencers is garnered from various sources, including but not limited to Social Media Outreach, Online Advertising, Educational Forums and Resources, and (of course) our own Sverve Affiliate campaign! When Influencers join the Sverve Influencer community they share tips, follow one another and endorse each other in their areas of Influence. As a part of the community, Influencers connect with Brands, connect and learn from Peers,and help build their Influencer following!

How much should I compensate Influencers?Back To Top

Influencer compensation is highly dependent on campaign type and campaign strategy. It can include cash, products, % of sales, and/or promotions.

For Sponsored Post campaigns, bloggers set their compensation amounts. Brands will be able to make a decision, based on their statistics and compensation, whether or not to engage each Influencer. To note, Sverve does recommend a certain compensation amount to bloggers given their reach/influence, however, bloggers are always able to set their own amount.

For Affiliate and Other campaigns, Rrands set a certain compensation amount such as % of sales or specific $ amount per sale to bloggers. This can also include but is not limited to contest and product giveaways or a combination of the two.

Who is responsible to pay Influencers?Back To Top

Sverve will facilitate payments to bloggers on Sponsored Post campaigns. A service charge will be applied to each blogger engaged. Sverve does not at this time, however, handle payments for other campaigns including but not limited to Affiliate and Contests campaigns. Brands are liable to pay bloggers directly for these types of campaigns

Can I set a minimum score for the type of blogger I wish to work with?Back To Top

Yes, when creating a campaign you can set a minimum Sverve score for your blogger applicants. You can also edit your campaign after it is published to change the minimum score.

How do I engage a blogger on a campaign?Back To Top

After clicking into your Sponsored Post campaign, all bloggers who have applied will fall under your pending section. You can either select Yes, Maybe, or No for each applicant. Each selection will place the blogger in the respective tab. You can then Review and Engage all bloggers you would like to work with in the Yes tab by releasing payment to Escrow.

Payment functionality is currently not available for Affiliate and Other campaigns. The Selection and Approval process, however, is the same as above.

What does it mean to pay in Escrow when I engage a blogger for a Sponsored Post campaign?Back To Top

For Sponsored Post campaigns, Sverve holds compensation for engaged influencers and disburses it when you approve of their work on the campaign. In case some influencers don’t finish their work or you dis-engage them then you will get the remaining money back. Escrow ensures payment to influencers and saves your time handling them.

How do I know a blogger is working on my campaign?Back To Top

After you engage a blogger, she will be notified that you have selected to work with her on this campaign. Brands can always message engaged bloggers to clarify timing in terms of when a blogger will post and/or for any further information.

How do I officially release payments to bloggers who have completed their work?Back To Top

On Sponsored Post campaigns, Brand can review a bloggers work by clicking Pending Approvals. After review, a brand can decide to accept the work or reject it. Please note, should a Brand reject the work, a reason will be required. After the work has been accepted a Brand can release payment by clicking on Pending Invoices and pay accepted bloggers.

What if an Influencer becomes unresponsive?Back To Top

Should an Influencer become unresponsive on a campaign, Sverve asks that Brands send a follow-up message to confirm the Influencer is not working on the campaign. If a Brand does not hear back within 24-48 hours, please email with details on the status change and we be will able to help disengage.

How specific should I be in my campaign details to Influencers?Back To Top

Be as specific as possible! For example, if you would like a product review and would like it to be promoted via social media channels, be sure to include this in your Campaign Description (as well as any links, videos, Twitter Hashtags, etc you would like the Influencer to use).

Can I search for influencers?Back To Top

Yes, you can browse influencer profiles on Sverve. You can do it in two ways. One easy way is to see Top Influencers by clicking on “Top Influencers” menu option. It will show you influencers ranked by their Sverve score. It also shows other information like their blog description, URL and stats along with their areas of influence. You can also filter influencers by their areas of influence from the left box or simply typing it in the search box. You can also search for an influencer by her first or last name from the search box on top left on the menu bar.

How do I know when a new influencer applies to my campaign?Back To Top

Sverve notifies you via email and on the service when new influencers apply for your campaign. We don’t inundate you with emails but only send a summary email with all new applicants and new messages on your campaigns in a day.

What does it mean to engage or deny a influencer?Back To Top

After a influencer applies to your campaign, you can choose to Engage or Deny the applicant. Engaged applicants will automatically receive notification that you would like to work with them on your campaign. To note, Denied influencers will receive no messages.

How do I decide on which influencers to engage?Back To Top

Sverve provides comprehensive information about blogger’s readership statistics, followers on twitter/FB, Alexa rankings and endorsements on Sverve for informed decision making. You can quickly filter the list based on statistics and then check out their blogs to confirm a good fit. In addition, you can always ask bloggers for more information about their statistics by sending them messages on Sverve.

How can I change the status of a influencer once engaged?Back To Top

Please email with details on the status change and we be will able to help update.

What if an there is an Influencer I would like to work with but she has not applied?Back To Top

Sverve is more than happy to help bridge the connection between you and an Influencer who may have not applied to your campaign. Just let us know who you have in mind!

How can I communicate with influencers who applied for my campaign?Back To Top

Sverve notifies you of new messages from influencers on a campaign via email and by notifications on the service. You can see all new messages and reply to them via the Campaign Response screen.

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