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I want share buble bath with BLUSH awsome ball and my trip to apple and microsoft store and david,s tea store, my day on the yorkdale mall.bodyshop,

January 11, 2015

As holiday end and school start I as MOM , has to make entertainment day for my daughter . Listen to my Teen what she want to do today and make excitment and memorable day for her.

Yesterday she plan we go to mall and find present for Dady.s birthday ,  but undermind was all goody she searched in the internet that i found  in her list was tea, blush product and body shop 15$ coupon ,discont to make trip to bodyshop store and so   other etc  huge list for one day trip to mall.

More excitment start from parking lot  car moving one by one 101 movement  ,guide  in each intersection , cold weather and saturday , no parking spot , drive around  mall in circle  and my daughter sugested do Daddy way fallow people who coming out of the mall and fallow them to their car  may lock to find spot , i  was surprised this way worked perfectly in the spot and we find great spot if you have different suggestion share and leave comment below.

we end up to bath and body shop end of year sale 50% off buy 2 get one free.

Next  victorria secret sale of pigy  and lots of fregurance sale and  other stuff.

OMG  this mall is so big for each item search to find stor you have to go to directory or costomer service area .

we asked for David,s Tea store  great  Natural blend of tea for constipation  mixed ginger +++=and other  thing smell mind blowing ,costomer service 20+ offered warm tea cranberry , somthing, and  because she search online for that tea was offering beautiful   can and  offered  card for next time buyer to gain and collect point wow service awsome , on way heading to apple store to ask question how i can transfer my picture from ipad to computrer  I found  microsoft store  great and huge store  .

In the end  my problem with Ipad is there next trip i have to take my computer  to find out why unable download picture and find space for new picture .

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