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The Next Billion-Dollar Market Opportunity Is Mobile Enterprise


Editor’s note: Kevin Spain is a general partner at Emergence Capital.

Enterprise mobile applications – like enterprise cloud applications a decade before – are poised to become a $100 billion market opportunity. I’ve worked with enterprise technologies exclusively for more than a decade and have watched as cloud apps took the enterprise by storm, giving businesses more flexibility and power than ever before.  Now, enterprise mobile is taking a page from enterprise cloud’s play book – but with a twist.

Obviously, mobile technology is less expensive, more accessible, and easier to use in many ways than cloud technology, and that makes it attractive to the enterprise. But what may not be so obvious regarding the allure of mobile for the enterprise is the degree to which it will democratize the use of technology for businesses in underserved sectors and far-flung locations.

There are more than 3 billion people globally who…

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Steve Bruner: Database Errors for Theme Developers

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Android App Developer | iPhone App Developer | Appster

Android App Developer | iPhone App Developer | Appster.

VaultPress Stories: Alex Rodriguez Photography

VaultPress Blog

Alex Rodriguez is based in Miami, Florida, and specializes in wedding and bridal fashion photography. He’s worked throughout the Caribbean, Europe, Central America, South America and North America and been featured in Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style magazine. His professional blog is Alex Rodriguez Photography.
Paul, one of the VaultPress Safekeepers

My primary WordPress site is a blog for my photography business. On the site I feature some of my recent work which focuses on my wedding photography. I occasionally blog about some personal issues that are of importance to me. My site provides the perfect way to feature some of my recent work and for my clients to preview some of the work they have commissioned me to do prior to me delivering the final project.

In a prior life, I was very involved in UNIX administration and have always been very comfortable running my own apps…

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VaultPress Stories: Country Music Life

VaultPress Blog

Our latest VaultPress story features Dayne Shuda. Dayne runs a country music and merchandise site at Country Music Life and recently became a VaultPress customer.

Paul, one of the VaultPress Safekeepers

Country Music Life was launched back in May 2010. It was actually at the suggestion of my girlfriend that I start a site about something I enjoyed. The site was launched and it’s been a great investment. On CML the posts cover the latest songs I hear on country radio. Also included are song lists with commentary about each song on the list. Country music fans use these lists to create their own music playlists for their MP3 players. It’s been fun.

When it came to launching the site there was really no other choice for a CMS than WordPress. My introduction to blogging came in 2008 when I started a personal blog about marketing – my…

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